June 18, 2021

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‘Blindspotting’ adds another shot to what looks like a ‘Hamilton’ summer

The Starz series stars “Hamilton” cast member Jasmine Cephas Jones playing the role who was a supporting character in the 2018 film. The series was co-created by Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs, and his former stage mate Daveed Diggs, who also wrote and starred in the film. Yet instead of a series continuing the story of male actors, as the studio had suggested, the producers chose to focus on Cephas Jones’ Ashley, trying to live in the Bay Area of ​​California after the imprisonment of his partner Miles (Casal). to sell drugs.

Ashley ends up moving in with her hippie mom (Helen Hunt) and hostile stepsister Trish (Jaylen Barron), whose vocation is online sex work. The series possesses an energy tinged with music, with Cephas Jones periodically expressing his feelings and fears by delivering poetic monologues directly to the camera, and characters breaking into improvised dance numbers at various times.

These elements – and the decision to essentially turn the sequel into a series instead of a movie – underscore the fluidity now between the two media, while also enhancing the flavor of what is otherwise a fairly familiar story of a single mother. suddenly forced to make do with her. clean.

Reneé Elise Goldsberry in the Peacock & # 39; series  Girls5eva '  (Heidi Gutman / Peacock)

The format also allows for whimsical flights that don’t advance the story much, like Ashley and Trish spending a day of soul-searching and drugging at the beach; and cleverly written detours as a prolonged debate in a later episode as to whether Ashley’s mixed-race son is fed up with a “black experience.”

As it turns out, “Blindspotting” arrives the same weekend as “In the Heights,” a film adaptation of Miranda’s pre-“Hamilton” musical, which stars fellow “Hamilton” veteran Anthony Ramos. The Warner Bros. has received mostly enthusiastic reviews and will be released in theaters as well as on HBO Max, like CNN, two units of WarnerMedia.

On top of that, Ramos – Cephas Jones’ actual fiancé – has a small recurring role in “Blindspotting” and co-stars in HBO’s rebirth of. “Processing.”
Elsewhere in streaming, Renée Elise Goldsberry of “Hamilton” is among the stars of “Girls5eva,” a series about a 1990s girl group that has a second chance at fame, which premiered in May on Peacock, the service. Streaming from Comcast. (Diggs has its own separate series, “Snowpiercer”, which has been renewed for a third season by TNT.)

“Hamilton” launched on Disney + last year over the weekend of July 4, providing both a welcome distraction during the pandemic and a reminder of all the movies slated to hit theaters that are being diverted to streaming.

The film also recalled the abundant talent that Miranda and her collaborators mustered in the Broadway production, which clearly was not lost on Hollywood. And as the United States reopens, these “Hamilton” alumni get a chance to tell their story.

“Blindspotting” premieres June 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz. “In the Heights” premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on June 11.

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